10 Ways To Be Present - Our Take On Mindfulness.

10 Ways To Be Present - Our Take On Mindfulness.

10 ways to be present

Be Present.

With the New Year comes renewed hope and energy for the year ahead. Fresh enthusiasm for travel and career plans, home-ideas and body goals for that summer holiday which is now in blissful, touching-distance as we've turned the corner of the Winter Equinox.

Mindfulness has been getting a ton of press over the past few years, and whilst you can be forgiven for wondering how it can relate to your life, (does anyone actually have time for those adult colouring books?) there are some key messages which we can all take on board to keep the optimism flowing past the end of January. 

If we had to choose one word which sums the ethos of mindfulness it would be ‘present’, as in to ‘be present’. In these days of fast-paced living, multitasking and the omnipresence of our mobile phones it’s easy to be always forward thinking, where do we need to be, what shopping do we need for dinner, did we turn the hair-straighteners off? And on the flipside, to dwell on the past. In turn, we neglect to be present in the moment, and neglect to enjoy the now.

So join us for the new year with 10 ways to up your presence in your own life for 2018…

1 | Let Go Of Worry

Walk yourself back over the years and the worries that have arisen in your life, if you’re anything like us, most of them never came to pass. You can even have a giggle about how silly they can seem now. Enjoy today, to the best of your abilities, and let go of the drain on your energy that worry creates. 

2 | Take A Fresh Approach, Embrace Change

We are all creatures of habit and new experiences or new ways of doing things can seem daunting. Let go of the ‘that’s how we’ve always done it’ ethos and switch things up, try a new place to eat, a new location for a holiday even a new garment which creates a new silhouette for your wardrobe. Get to know the new and revel in the energy it can create.

3 | Smile :)

Sounds simple, and it is. The simple act of smiling makes you, and those around you feel better - we’re not talking a quick upturn of the mouth here, but the kind of smile which reaches your eyes - one which comes from within. As Connie Stevens said… “Nothing you wear is more important than your smile.” Try it right now and see how much better you feel!

4 | Be thankful, seek the positive 

Look around you and give thanks for what you have, which you hold most dear. Be it an outdoor space, your dearest friends (or your brand new iPad mini!)

5 | Learn 

Attend a new exercise class you would never dream of trying, download an audiobook from the education section and listen in the car or on the train - learning opens the mind and creates wonderful opportunity.

6 | Listen 

When someone is talking to you, simply listen. Don’t wander around in your mind and try and think of what you want to say, focus on their words. Give them eye contact and time to convey their thoughts and feelings. Bring value to the interaction and you will both benefit.

7 | Eat & drink slowly

Savour your food and give your gut a helping hand by taking time to chew slowly, enjoying the textures and flavours whilst grabbing some much needed ‘me’ time. If you work in an office take some time at home to prepare a delicious, nutritious lunch and get away from your desk to enjoy it.

8 | Exercise 

Natural endorphins and a glow of well being? What's not to love? Pick something you love and stick to it, you’ll get better at it and in return enjoy it even more. Take joy in breathing deeper and relish the reward of a divine bubble bath or an invigorating shower, well earned. 

9 | Give back

Sharing is caring! Take some time to join a local project for an afternoon or do something for a neighbour or friend. That warm fuzzy feeling feels good and it lasts. Head over to the Do It Trust and search your local area for volunteering opportunities.

10 | Me Time

When you’re focused and calm within, it projects into every situation in your life. Grab a little slot in the day to call your own and take the opportunity to slow things down, reflect but don’t dwell.

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10 Tips To Be Present

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