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Amilu offers you classically timeless, British inspired everyday and special occasion handbags. Discover our classic range of real Italian leather handbags, shoulder bags, tote bags, clutch bags, satchels and backpacks. The classic leather handbag brand.  



Lots of things have changed over the years – heels maybe lower, hems a little longer and maybe the necklines don’t plunge quite as far as they used to, but even if your choices are a little more practical you still want to look stylish, fabulous and individual.

And it’s just the same when it comes to handbags.  Perhaps you know the feeling ...... having spent your teens using amazing looking handbags that catch the eye and always invite comment, but weigh a ton and were impossible to find things in, you now find you need something more. Yes, still with that edgy look, but with a bit more versatility, a bit more useability and made from good quality leather that develops a patina with age. And not costing the earth.

Well, making handbags just like that is my mission. As we all know the right handbag makes you feel good, can lift you when you’re down and is a great shot in the arm. Like great shoes, just a lot more comfortable !

It all started 10 years ago travelling the country with my pop up shop Mimu. As well, as the drama of exploding vans, stolen wing mirrors (Wimbledon of all places!), collapsing marquees, badly behaved animals and sometimes some very dubious accommodation. I had lots of laughs and always amazing help from friends and family, whatever the mess I managed to get myself in. I think my constant vehicle problems pretty much single handedly kept my local garage in business, and have many (happy?) memories of commandeering recovery vehicles and passing taxis to drive miles out of their way to get me and my 20 Ikea bags of stock to events on time. More seriously, I also had the opportunity to ”talk” handbags in detail with literally, thousands of customers happy to tell me what they are looking for in the perfect bag -  These comments came up time and time again

  • classic and classy, but with a contemporary edge,
  • easily visible and accessible contents, light coloured linings, dropped centre sections, all round zips.
  • Protection where possible on the base of your bag
  • longer tote handles or clip on shoulder straps so you can carry your bag over your shoulder when you need to,
  • outside pockets to easily access things you need frequently (your phone, oyster card or passport etc)
  • Clever internal clips and pockets for better organisation.

With so much information – and a driving passion to get it right - it was a natural step to start manufacturing my own bags.  With the move to our own design and production came a change of name and so Amilu was born.

Today, all our handbags are designed here in the Peak District in our small office of mainly women. We are passionate about our Amilu brand and always strive to back up our product quality and design with great customer service. Chocolate and cake come high on the needs list at moments of stress and a post work wine always seems to help creativity!  Our lovely bags are manufactured by small family businesses, mostly based in and around Tuscany, the heart of the Italian leather industry. Here we can access all the latest leather finishes and incorporate them quickly into our designs. It is the original textures and colour combining that make Amilu bags stand out and that is at the heart of our design ethos.

So where are we now. Well we are not a big showy company, hanging off the arm of every celeb, more of a well kept but steadily growing secret thanks to happy customers and word of mouth. We want women to feel good using our bags, happy and confident in the knowledge that a great looking bag makes a statement and shows the world you are different and capable of great things. I think our tag line sums that up very neatly:

She believed she could, so she did’

To find out more about Amilu go to www.amilu.co.uk, call 01629540353, email info@amilu.co.uk  or engage with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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