Black Mock Croc Crossbody Bag

Black Mock Croc Crossbody Bag

Amalia Styles The Black Mock Croc Crossbody Bag

I love the size of this little mock croc crossbody bag, it is so convenient!

Tell us a little about yourself...

I am Amalia and I am an architect from Athens, Greece. I did my undergrad in Greece and as a student, I lived for one year in Paris; it was then that I realised I want to live abroad for some time. I have been living in London for the last 3 years and have recently moved to Angel, where the photoshoot for the Mock Croc Crossbody Handbag was shot! 

After graduating and working in Athens, I decided to come to London and study at UCL. My postgrad was in sustainable design and engineering (not a big fan of it, too technical for me…!) Nevertheless, I had the chance to come to this amazing city and study at the Bartlett, which was a great opportunity and experience!   

Over the past two years, I have been working as an architect/urban designer – which in simple words means that I design cities. Last year, I started a fashion design course at Saint Martin's and I really hope I can do something with it in the near future! What inspires me is, of course, architecture, fine arts, music and above all the Greek islands!


A close up of the Ely Crossbody bag

What inspires your wardrobe choices?

Mainly my mood. Sometimes I want to be different, sometimes not, sometimes colourful, sometimes totally in black, sometimes super casual, sometimes fancy; but I always try to dress up in a minimalistic, elegant way. I love unusual minimal shapes and patterns.

What is your beauty must-have?

I don’t really have a beauty must-have but if I have to choose something I’d say red lipstick (all shades of red!) and a moisturiser. Also my hairbrush and hoop earrings –if they are considered beauty must-haves!

Amalia and her leather cross body bag

You’ve just returned from Athens, what is your top travel tip?

There is only one tip; travel with your friends!

Where are you hoping to travel this year?

I would love to go to Morocco this year. And also India! But Morocco is first on my list.

What do you love about the Amilu Mock Croc Crossbody bag?

I love the size, it is so convenient! And also its minimalistic shape combined with a twist in the leather pattern!

What’s on your reading list at the moment?

I am currently reading “A Lover’s discourse” by Roland Barthes, but really slowly… I take my time. I also just started “Fashion that changed the world” by Jennifer Croll, which my best friend gave me as a present for Christmas!

What’s your favourite quote?

So many! Ok there is one...

Everything you can imagine is real.

P. Picasso

Amalia styles the Amilu cross body on the streets of London

If we peeked into your handbag now, what would we see?

Hopefully, my keys if I have not lost them, my bike lights, headphones, useless little paper (receipts, leaflets etc) and my tobacco if it is Friday. My phone, no, I always have it in my hands ;)

Recreate Amalia's look with the Amilu Ely Crossbody Bag in moc crock Italian leather.

Pop over to Instagram to peruse Amalia's beautifully curated feed @amalia_vrana

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