Our top 6 handbags for wedding guests

Our top 6 handbags for wedding guests

Amilu Wedding Bags For Guests

Handbags for wedding guests and what to pack!

Find the perfect handbags for wedding guests from our selection of award-winning handbag designs in Italian leather and tactile straw. Designed in England by our small team and crafted in the hills of Tuscany, Italy. Whether you’re taking centre stage as Mother Of The Bride or Groom, or taking a supporting role as a much-loved friend our wedding guest handbags are small enough to rest against the back of a pew or to pop next your plate whilst you enjoy the celebratory meal; yet with plenty of room for all the essentials you need for the day from mobile phone to lippy to a fresh pack of tissues!

1 | The Marlow 

A delightful little tote bag in neutral tones of palm straw with a rigid structure. 

Marlow Straw Clutch

2 | The Chester

An ultra-lightweight faux straw clutch with dainty chain handle

Straw Wedding Clutch

3 | The Hopton

In metallic leather with a playful tassel charm.

4 | The Waverley

Fits snugly under your arm, in nude leather. 


5 | The Mini Newbury

Our most darling of totes bags. 


6 | The Marlow

In cream straw with a dainty shoulder chain. 


Your handbags essentials! 

1 | A compact mirror – touch up your lippy without having to leave the table and do a quick mascara check mid-ceremony!

2 | A handkerchief or tissues – to dab at those tears of happiness.

3 | Your lipstick – essential!

4 | A safety pin – a quick fix for those wardrobe mishaps.

5 | Hair grips – if you’ve had your hair done for the occasion and it comes adrift a couple of grips can keep things in place.

6 | A couple of small plasters – in case you’re sporting new and slightly uncomfortable shoes – see point 8…

7 | Asprin – the tension and excitement of the day can lead to a headache, don’t let one ruin your fun.

8 | Foldable flat shoes – slip into some more comfortable shoes for the evening or make the dash to the car high-heel free.  

9 | Stain Pen – rescue your glad rags from a food or wine stain with one of the fabulous little portable stain pens.

10 | Portable Phone Charger  -  if you’re taking photos on your phone you’re going to go through the battery pretty quick – a slimline portable charger can charge your phone in your handbag and will make sure you’ve enough juice to capture the evening do and call for a taxi when the fun draws to a close. 

Handbag shades from soft nude and light grey leather through to vibrant hot pink and bright yellow. For a neutral outfit opt for an adorable straw clutch bag such as the Marlow – crafted in fine palm straw or go for a pop of colour with our most darling tote bag the Mini Newbury in luxurious Italian leather. Amilu handbags for spring and summer wedding guests come with free UK delivery. If you need assistance matching your handbag to your outfit or shoes don’t hesitate to give our small and friendly team a call on 01629 540 353 open Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm where we are happy to assist.

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